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Hope Endures Through Affliction

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Hope Endures Through Affliction

We share fully in Jesus’ relationship with His Father.  When trouble finds us, as it usually does, we know that we have someone we can count on, someone who cares for us.  For we know that our affliction is the key to action for this loving God.

It is for Bob, a successful teacher with two small children, but who has been diagnosed with Cancer.  Devastated as Bob and his family are, Bob finds hope and his hope defies his cancer; thus, giving him the will to go on!  Why?

Because–Bob knows that our loving and merciful God will do anything to save us, love us, help us and cherish us.  And to know this and truly believe this provides us with hope.  Hope is the life line the helps us to stand when we fall.

Hope sustains us when everything else does not work.  It is hope that says to us “we will make it.”  We will make it because God will not let us fail. Didn’t God send Jesus so that none of us would perish?  Indeed God did and because of this wonderful gift, we have hope.

Winston Churchill, the great leader of Great Britain, during the Nazi bombings of London said, Never, never, never give up!  And the Londoners didn’t. Jesus says, “Hope in Me and you will survive.”  And we will because, as believers, we know that when Jesus makes a promise–He keeps it.

God’s love and protection produces the endurance, i.e. the hope, needed when affliction impedes our journey.  We simply have to hold tightly to this hope and never surrender to the affliction.

Again, God wants us to endure and Jesus’ words spoken when He was among us– cheer us on.  They continue to remind us that our God truly wants us to come home to Him someday, because God’s glory is my salvation, -and so is everyone else’s salvation.

Hear then, this mantra: “Never, never, never give up” as our salvation is God’s glory.  Our hope with God’s help is the way we can do it.  Now that’s something to cheer about each and every day!

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Jesus’ Last Will and Testament!

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Jesus’ Last Will and Testament!

Jesus made His followers the sole heirs of His Estate.  And He did this knowing it was a great leap of faith on that first Ascension Day when He returned to His Father.

On this day, Jesus left his disciples and all those who followed them–in charge.  Think about it?  Jesus, the Son of God the Father, who put His life’s effort, time, planning and patience into getting to this day, left His legacy to these unsteady few. Jesus was really taking a huge risk!

Looked what He endured to get to this day!  He was born in a stable, exiled to Egypt, learned carpentry from His father, traveled many miles by foot, preached to large groups, healed many, argued often with Pharisees, received constant threats, eventually endured a torturous death, and knew abandonment from His handpicked followers.

Yet, Jesus bequeathed to these “shaky” followers not only this most important mission, but of working out its details.  But He took the chance anyway, because it was time for them to stand up and be counted.

When Jesus rose from the dead, and walked with His disciples, He never once mentioned their desertion.  He never took them to task.  For instance, He never asked Peter “Are you sure I can count on you this time?”

Instead, Jesus asked Peter,  “Do you love me?”  And He accepted Peter’s response “Yes Lord, you know that I love you.”  And that was it.  He didn’t lecture him or make him promise never to do it again.  He just took Peter at his word and trusted.

It was much the same with the others too.  Jesus appeared to them, made conversation with them, helped them fish, and on one occasion even made them breakfast.   But never dwelled on their betrayal.

Instead on this Ascension Day, Jesus proposed they “Go to the ends of the earth, and baptize everyone in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”  -and trusted each to understand.  Then, He returned to the Father.

Pope Francis remarked: “If we cannot believe the Lord loves us tenderly, and trusts us with everything, and in every generation that this Church will work, then Ascension is the day to see that trust.”  It is a great day for us to appreciate how the Lord moves away from our failures and offers another try.  Our Lord truly loves and places all His hope in us.

We can easily believe that Jesus did leave His Will behind, and we are its recipients.  As His remaining heirs, Jesus trusts us not to squander this inheritance.

 If Jesus asks today, how we’re doing with our inheritance, what would our response be?

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Who and When to Love, Ask Jesus!

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Who and When to Love, Ask Jesus!

Love one another as I have loved you.  Jesus commands us in John 15:12. Attractive words, but easier said than done?  Loving everyone takes too much energy and even more hard work.  Yet, it is one of the last things Jesus asked of us before returning to His heavenly home.  His fundamental idea for us all is  rooted in this great idea.  Show everyone who you are by how you love him or her!

It’s as if in each instance of our lives where love is called forth from us, Jesus whispers His wonderful invitation–Come follow me!  However, when we find the situation too difficult to love, Jesus beckons us to go deeper with Come and See, and, as we know, His invitations to love seldom go away unless we do the walking.

What Jesus desires is that we love as He loved.  And loving–for Jesus, was His life’s work.  If we follow Jesus and love like Jesus, then each person we meet will say– Look how they love everyone; they must be followers of Jesus!

Jesus also leaves behind a few suggestions of whom, how and where we might love others.  For example, each time we are asked to forgive another who has offended us, Jesus is saying Love.  Another scenario is when we are extremely busy and we are asked to share our time, Jesus whispers–Come follow Me and Love!

In those stressful times, when we pray for help and nothing seems to change, Jesus says: follow Me and Love.  And in the times we pray for help because this person is really stressful Jesus continues to utter–follow Me.  Where we share a laugh among friends and enjoy their presence, Jesus is also saying–Enjoy this Love.  Every time we love in these moments, Jesus can be seen walking among us.  Since Jesus accompanies us, He knows exactly where He wants our love to flourish.  He merely points and urges–Come and See!

Now Jesus knows our love may be mocked, ridiculed, seen as weak or never returned.  In these times, Mother Teresa urges: Love anyway!  For if we do not, Jesus’ love may be denied them.  Jesus never holds back His love from us.  Then why should we withhold it from those around us.

Or we may tell ourselves how can this small act of love make a difference.  Well, as Mother Teresa knows and says so simply: What we are trying to do may be just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.  It truly does make a difference.  Jesus’ love passing through us always makes a difference.  It shows everyone who we are by how we love him or her.  And when we do, Jesus lives anew in us.

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