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In Life We Need a Time-Out!

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In Life We Need a Time-Out!

Our days seem to get busier and busier, don’t they? In fact we wish for more time just to do what needs to be done. Yet, what we need isn’t more time, but less time. We need a time-out where we simply stop, and just “be.”

During this pause, we breath deeply, ridding ourselves of distractions and getting reacquainted with who we are. As Pascal writes: “By means of diversion we can avoid our own company twenty-four hours a day.”

When we allow our mind and heart to catch-up to our activity, we can see clearly the spiritual that lies beyond our busyness. Not simply “duty or obligation,” but more importantly Jesus who accompanies us in all we do. And Jesus knows it’s quiet-time that brings to mind this forgotten fact.

In our precious quiet moments, we realize all we do, whether big or small, is because Jesus once lived among us. If Jesus hadn’t been born, lived, died for our sins and rose again, so that we could also rise–our lives or anything we do wouldn’t matter. Jesus gives purpose to all of it!

Henry Nouwen, the great spiritual writer, wrote: “everyday look for a place to be alone.” It is in that solitary, sacred space, Nouwen suggests, where we connect with Jesus who gives our lives meaning.   When we invite Jesus to walk with us in our ordinary times, each step becomes a miracle.

The thought of Jesus slows down our speed, softens our hearts and makes those around us more visible. We actually see who they are and understand their needs. It has the charm of turning a black and white movie into one of vivid color!

When Jesus took His”time outs,” He saw more than lepers, cripples and the blind. Jesus actually “took pity” on them. And when He saw the grief of Martha and Mary at the loss of their brother Lazarus, Jesus wept real tears. Jesus’ pity–turned to care. Jesus showed us that when we care about another’s needs and feel their pain, we easily reach out and offer relief.

In our daily living we may still get busy. When we are, take that much needed time-out and consider why we are so busy. It is a great opportunity for us to allow our soul to catch-up with our body and our ordinary action will be its own miracle!

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This Year: Change Yourself and Not Your Space

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This Year: Change Yourself and Not Your Space

Changing where we live or changing our jobs won’t always make us happy or even more contented with our lives.   The grass only gets greener under our feet if we do what is expected right where we live right now.

Changing a venue won’t produce the happiness we desire. Our best way forward is to face this present moment, focus on what’s happening or not happening take Jesus’ hand and move through it.

In doing this we need only remember, what we often forget. Jesus, who saved us, will not allow us to fall over a cliff. He will only take us where we will be safe. Why? Because His care and concern for each of us is boundless. In return Jesus wants our trust to be just as limitless as His care and concern. When we do, we can see our grass get greener and our burden easier to bear.

St Augustine said it this way: “May thy kingdom come within us, and may we be found within it.” When we live this way, we have no need to change where we live for we have found the greenest place.

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Discovering Christ Hidden Among Us!

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Discovering Christ Hidden Among Us!

As we bid farewell to the Christmas season and walk forward into 2015, let’s take this final Christmas thought with us. In Jesus’ birth, God came to be with his own. God through His son, Jesus, wanted to live lovingly among His chosen ones.

However, they did not recognize Jesus as God’s Son and this pained God. They did not appreciate the light Jesus came to bring. Why? It was too bright for them to handle. It showed too much of what needed to be changed, and so they tried to snuff out that light. They thought they had but, as Christmas reminds us every year, Our God stayed anyway–and importantly–this light called Christ never, ever goes out!

Christ’s light brilliantly glows, pointing us in the direction God desires each of us to go.  Jesus’ ever-present brilliance beams no matter how dark our days become, or how strong the sinister forces try to lure us from Christ’s radiance and sparkle.

The lasting Good News the Christmas angels sang about is that Our God came to earth, yes, but the beauty is He stayed with us. Christ is still here! Our challenging task is to find the light where it shines the brightest –and that is–in one another no matter what shadows we may also cast.

Indeed, Jesus shines deeply in us all; no matter how difficult it is to see. And Jesus encourages us with these words: “Love one another as I have loved you.” When we do this, we can walk through any dark shadows cast and see Christ’s bright light showing us the way.

When we see Christ in one another, we ease the pain God felt when His chosen people rejected His Son long ago. Our Christmas story proclaims who Christ is and shows us for what we are searching. Why not see this New Year as a true gift from God, and search daily for the Christ in one another. And each time we find Christ hidden in our neighbor, it will be our return gift to God. Now that’s a perfect New Year’s resolution!

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