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God gave us all a common home: but it’s only temporary!

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God gave us all a common home: but it’s only temporary!

Pope Francis loves creation.  In his new encyclical Laudato Si, he calls creation “Our Common Home,i.e., creation is a home belonging to all God’s people.  Pope Francis wants everyone to remember that this earth is not the personal possession of any one race, person, class or culture.  It belongs to God.

Certainly God created the world for us to enjoy, but as my Mother used to say: “to help us get from here to there.”  What she meant is the most profound theology we can ever learn.

What my Mother meant is this.  God put us on earth to get “to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this world, and to be with Him in the next.  We learned this convincingly  in our beginning years as fledgling Catholics!  Today, as we read,  it is the basic inspiration in Pope Francis’ teaching in the encyclical and the one that my Mother and Pope Francis would certainly be in agreement.

Like Pope Francis, my Mother knew how deep God’s desire is that we get to Him when our life is over.  What Pope Francis wants us to keep in mind—is that for God it is equally important that those traveling beside us-get there too!  Our bountiful earth supplied with essentials like water, air, food, and other needed resources are God’s common provisions.

They are still God’s, but we take what we need now for our journey to heaven.  Pope Francis asks in Laudato Si:Don’t be greedy.  Only take what we need, and offer the rest to those who can’t enjoy what we enjoy.”  The Pope asks us to remember to live mindfully of those others who need and want some of what we enjoy so readily.

Indeed this common home shows how passionate  Our God is that we live “loving and serving Him now and later live with Him in heaven.”  But He wants everyone else too, as well.

Pope Francis is simply reminding us to help God fulfill this dream, so that one-day when we all arrive safely we can say “Laudato Si”–“Praise be to You, My Lord!”

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A Surprising and Astonishing Loving God!

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A Surprising and Astonishing Loving God!

How can this man give us his flesh to eat? The Jews quarreled in Jesus time and others still do to this very day.  How can Jesus give us His flesh to eat?  It’s not easy to hear these words and more difficult to believe them. No wonder so many walk away upon hearing these words.

Yet it is the litmus test of our Catholic faith.  Listen again to Jesus words: Amen, Amen I say to you unless you eat the flesh of the son of man, and drink his blood you do not have life within you. For my flesh is true food and my blood true drink. And whoever eats this bread will live forever. 

Words that may seem gory and gruesome, but words that mean exactly what Jesus wants to happen.    Because He says if we do it,  we will live forever. Jesus tells us this not because He wants to share a shocking tale, but because it is what God, His Father,  wants also.  Our Father desires Jesus’ words “believe this, do it and we will live-forever together.”

So I thought about this “shocking truth”, why can’t God do this, or why wouldn’t God do this bewildering thing?  Pope Francis tells us, Our God is full of astonishment and surprises.   And this great mystery is one of these astonishing things God likes to do.

When we ponder this profound mystery, it is better not to figure out HOW God does this, but better to reflect, pray and understand WHY God desires this?

The answer is basic and simple.  From the first moment of creation, God has desired to be near us.  God enjoys us and wants to shower love over us.  Even when we are disobedient, God forgives us. If we can point to a weakness in God, it is His love for the humans He created.  In our long friendship with God, we can find many ways, God helped us to get our choices right.

So why not allow  Jesus to feed us His body and blood until we are with God forever.    We know that our all-powerful God loves to be with us.   And when we take His Son into our lives, our pains, our doubts, and our hurts, God is near us. Now that’s astonishment and surprise only found in a truly compassionate and loving God.  And it stands out as  a beautiful truth of our faith.

When we  hear the words about “eating and drinking” Jesus, don’t walk away from these words. Instead embrace the Why of their meaning?  They remind us to be appreciative always of such a surprising and astonishing God.

Eucharist brilliantly shines forth as an astonishing and surprising sign of the love God created us to share with Him forever.   To make sure this happens, Jesus offers Himself: whoever eats this bread and drinks this blood will live forever.  So don’t mock such a gift, astonish God eat it and live with Him forever.


Several readers have remarked about the photos used in this Blog. I gather these photos with my IPhone, as I take my daily walks around my neighborhood and when traveling.

I select photos that speak to me about what my written Blog selections convey or what I see as God’s creative masterpieces given to us for our enjoyment.

I hope you appreciate the photos as well as the written words that accompany them.  God does want us to live each day well and He offers many creative ways to do this, all of which we are truly grateful.

My choices are only a few of these exquisite art works, so keep your hearts and eyes open for the many more right where you are which God wants to share with you personally.

As you discover them, hear this favorite quote Pope Francis uses in Laudato Si: On Care For Our Common Home.

Beauty will save the world” – from Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

I think you might agree!

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We Trade A Short Lifetime for Our Eternal Time With God

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We Trade A Short Lifetime for Our Eternal Time With God

Our God in His generosity promises us a long-time to enjoy His Presence. He calls this time- eternity. In the same way God gives us a short time to prepare ourselves for this eternity. This short period is called our lifetime. This lifetime is not about the quantity of our years, but the quality we give to each year that matters.

During our lifetime, God does ask us to love Him, but more particularly God asks us to love everyone else we meet along the way even more. God calls this love of our neighbor service. He asks that we help those who need support, and that we lift up those less fortunate than ourselves.

He also suggests that we make sure those around us are well fed, never grow thirsty, and have enough clothing to stay warm. What God is really asking is that everyone looks after everyone else. And God says do this in this brief lifetime we have before us.

God also adds that if we harm another in our brief lifetime to make amends for it. And if we ourselves are harmed, to show mercy and forgive the wrong. God desires us to be tolerant of differences we see in others. If people look different, cover over these diversities with tolerance and good will. If strangers wander into our surroundings, turn them into neighbors through understanding and patience. Never push them away or shun them.

What God is really asking us to do is go the extra mile in all things. He wants more than what is standard. He truly wants us “to see people first. ” If we see hurting people who need healing, invite them to share our short lives. In exactly the same manner the Good Samaritan cared for the wounded neighbor whom he found along the road he was traveling.

For when we do, Matthew 25:31 reminds us of what God , Our Father will say:

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 41 “ Come you are the blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you…”

Doesn’t this seem like a small price to pay to enjoy our God for as long as we can, and to be happy with Him for all eternity? We do trade a short span of time to live with God Our Father forever, don’t we?

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