Great opportunities to please God are infrequent,

But turning little actions into great acts can happen all the time...

Give God the Gift of a “Thank You” for Christmas!

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Give God the Gift of a “Thank You” for Christmas!

When my Mother cooked one of her specialty meals like homemade gnocchi, our family rained abundant “thank you’s” down upon her for this absolutely delicious dish. My Mother just smiled and replied calmly with these words: “Thank the good Lord for putting me here first.” She then went back to “creating” in the kitchen!

It took me a while to catch her meaning. I just couldn’t see what the good Lord had to do with my Mother’s gnocchi. But as I grew up, I understood exactly what she meant.

My Mom was talking about her gift of life. She was reminding us that if God had not made her first, and given her life, we would not be enjoying her great gnocchi festa!

My Mom was teaching us a lesson we often forget, i.e., how everything we have, we owe to God! No matter what we accomplish, whether a great gnocchi meal or a world acclaimed masterpiece painting, God deserves all the credit.

My Mother understood this! She only wanted the credit to go to the right person. My Mother always thanked God first. And God, like us, loves hearing her wonderful words–“Thank You.”

This Christmas why not give God the gift He will appreciate the most–our simple gratitude for our gift of life. And then we can use my Mother’s humble words: “Thank You God for putting me here in the first place”– and then go back and continue doing all those ordinary, or even great things–for the others in our daily lives!

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Jesus Comes with the Best Gift Ever!

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Jesus Comes with the Best Gift Ever!

Every Advent season we are in a different place on our journey. Yet, every Advent season we meet the same Jesus offering the same exact gifts He does every year-peace, hope, mercy, love and joy. What a bundle of gifts our savior brings! It is everything we need, but sadly not always what we seek.

Why do we have difficulty pursuing these gifts.? Well perhaps since last Christmas , we have hit some tough obstacles. We may have experienced a loss of someone we love very much. We may be struggling with an illness we don’t particularly want. Or we may be in a situation where a choice is asked and we are afraid to make that decision.

Whatever the circumstances we are temporarily blinded and cannot see what wonderful Jesus is offering.   Fear can cloud our vision, and we can’t see how right now, these gifts of peace, hope mercy love and joy can help. We just want the pain, the hurt, and the fear to go away-our way! We know better.

Yet, our Advent songs sing the words we need to hear. “O Come O come Emmanuel.” This welcoming words can reopen our eyes, giving us the vision we need. This power Jesus brings is grace, and its supply is endless. He knows what we need, and won’t stop offering it.

This Advent reach out to Our Emmanuel (Jesus). Advent Scriptures tell us why. “Behold our Lord shall come in power; he will enlighten the eyes of his servants.”   Truly, It is the only Christmas gift we need. And it comes generously!



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Advent Says: Get on Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

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Advent Says: Get on Your Mark! Get Set! Go!

In 1 Corinthians 1:4-5, St. Paul writes: “I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus, for in every way you have been enriched in him, in speech and knowledge of every kind.”

St. Paul uses these incredible words to start us on another Advent season.  For you see, in Advent we remember the special gift we “have been given in Christ Jesus.”  In Advent–we recall that because of this special gift of Christ Jesus, we have a grand destination- to be with Christ Jesus for all eternity

St. Paul’s words put us all at the starting gate with all the preparation we need.  His words remind us that God’s grace and blessings are already ours.  Then he adds with firmness and vigor for the Corinthians–and for each of us this advice–“Live as if we realize it.”  In other words let our hearts know it and our lives show it.

St. Paul wants us to use these present moments preparing for Christ’s final coming now and not waste them worrying about what we didn’t do.  How many past Advents have we stumbled at the starting gate because we were fearful of our lost opportunities and, as such, then never left the starting gate?  We can make this Advent a special time to focus on this present time.  Christ is not in those lost Advents where nothing happened.  Rather, Christ is alive and well in this current one.

As important, and as we all know, it’s how we live in God’s presence every day and mirror it to others that counts.  Like a marathon, which is finished one step at a time; our journey to heaven is only accomplished in one present moment at a time.  Advent is the season that gets us moving once again.

Yes, indeed Advent brings home the real gift of Christmas, i.e., in Christ Jesus we have been “enriched in him, in speech and knowledge of every kind.”  St. Paul tells us again that Christ is the real reason for the season!

So–Get on your Mark! Get Set! Go!

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