Great opportunities to please God are infrequent,

But turning little actions into great acts can happen all the time...

Reasons to Say Thank You to the Lord!

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Reasons to Say Thank You to the Lord!

When we enjoy good health, a profitable job, or a loving family, we say God has blessed us. Does this mean God is only on the side of the successful? Can’t these “successes” simply be the result of hard work or being born rich? They can.

How about those who work vigorously and see only a few results?  What about the poor in health, or families who live a daily  existence that is less than “picture perfect?” Does God not bless them too?

Of course, the answer is simple. God creates the rich and the poor, those in good health and those in pain equally. He wants everyone with Him in Heaven.  God just blesses all.  He never asks what our nationality is or if we are a refugee or anything except How can I help you be more than you are right now? And then God simply does it.  No hassle! No strings! Just hugs and blessings.

God loves all equally, and promises all the same reward. His only request is that we love him in return. Through all those we meet along our paths.  In thanksgiving for God loving us so easily, God says to each of us: “Do the same to those you meet along your journey.

Once God calls, He never abandons. Our gracious God continuously pours his blessings on our lives until we are with Him forever.  And He expects us to Live Jesus and do likewise.

A  Thanksgiving Thought from St. Francis de Sales:

“Never does our God leave us save to hold us better; never does He let go of us save to keep us better; never does He wrestle with us, save to give Himself up to us and bless us.”

A Thought from Ephesians 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, just as he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before him in love.

Happy Thanksgiving to all My Readers

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Do We Have to Go To Church? Absolutely!

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Do We Have to Go To Church? Absolutely!

“What’s so important about going to Church on Sunday?” This often asked question has many responses.   Here’s one response to think about!

We enter Church on any Sunday to hear a different story about how to live in our world. In this sacred space, quietly sealed away from our often noisy existence, we experience the telling of stories of another way of living, another purpose and a different approach.

The world we leave behind when we enter Church can often be a world of exasperation. In it we meet drivers who cut us off in traffic, people who don’t hold doors, some who never say thank you or excuse me.

Newspapers relate stories of leaders insulting other leaders; nations who desire what other nations have and then aggressively seize it. And worst of all we hear of religions, who instead of living the golden rule, i.e., Do unto others as you wish they do to you. Only want others to “do unto them” or else!

But in Church it’s a different story. In Church, we meet people who live and respond differently in their world. We also hear stories about a God who cares, loves and is concerned about us in the most personal of ways.

He is a God who loves enough to intervene, if He has to, even when it means giving up His Son. We find a God who wants to give us happiness, live peacefully with others, and to bestow on us His blessing and mercy when we stumble. In Church, we find hope for a better and different world and we hear about the Kingdom and that we are assured that it can be reached by us.

In Church, stories teach us about the kindly Good Samaritan, who stopped his travels to help a high-jacked stranger get back on his feet again before this Samaritan resumed his travels.

We hear of a heartbroken Father who lost his son to a life far from home and any responsibilities. The son wanted to be “free to be himself,” but soon realized where his real treasure lay and went home to his forgiving father who eagerly took him back.

But there are also “little stories,” stories that speak of God’s abundance in hidden ways. One example is the story of the poor widow who shows through her action of placing two coins in the temple treasury about God’s richness. She freely gave her needed coins with the belief that God would refill that emptiness from His abundant love and mercy.

These stories, and other such readings, teach us that if we feed others, clothe others, and be welcoming and tender toward others, God’s abundance will easily flow through our actions and heal our broken world.

But these stories also remind us that we have to do it. We are the continuation of these Church told stories. This is how salvations works. The stories in Church point the way, and we say “yes” and leave Church open to being the next chapter of salvation history, rather than just trying to get out of the parking lot first.

Church shows us that we can make a difference where we live. God’s abundance flows though us to share, when we become the Good Samaritans, the Forgiving Fathers, the Poor Widows-only us! Yes, we go to Church to prepare ourselves to tell our story. Isn’t this reason enough to go?


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Why a Saint Is Never Without a Smile!

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Why a Saint Is Never Without a Smile!

Have you ever heard the expression   “a sad saint is a sorry saint!” What this is saying is that a joyless saint is not even a possibility. And perhaps he or she is actually a fraud. Why make such strong statements about saints? Well, a saint’s source of joy is never the assurance of having reached perfection or of having nothing left to repent. How absurd to even think this is possible while we wear our outer garment of earthly flesh. Even with the gift of grace we can never be sure we don’t have a few imperfections and or even slip ups now and then. Human frailty is simply too pervasive even when we try hard to do the right thing.

What makes saints smile, and us too, is the assurance that all our weaknesses and even their most annoying of sins can never, ever separate us from the love of God. Wasn’t it St Paul who recognized this when he wrote “strength was made perfect in weakness?” (2 Corinthians 12:9). It’s weakness that attracted God, the Father, to send Jesus to save us, and make us welcome at His table once again.

To say that our sins and imperfections once recognized and repented bring us most closely to the perfection and holiness of God, isn’t meant to be a sales pitch for sin and its degradation, not at all! But when we sin and turn our backs on God and choose something not wholesome and proper. It is our repentance that brings God to our rescue. And our begging of God’s mercy releases inexhaustible pourings of that mercy into our hearts and lives.

The beauty of God’s mercy is awesome in itself. For when those doors are open, they stay that way until our healing is complete and our sins are in fast flight. Why? Because God sent His Son Jesus to make sure that none of us perish. And God keeps His Word-always! Isn’t this alone something to celebrate.

This is why there can’t be any sad saints. We know God wants us all in heaven, and does all in His power (and this is a lot) to keep that promise. So claim your weakness and replace it with the strength of Jesus Christ. If this doesn’t make us smile, I can’t imagine I what will!

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